Acoustic Calibration Services (ISO/IEC 17025:2017)

 To Understand…

Calibration is all about confidence in the results you’re getting. Calibration assures that your measurements are performed within the specification limits, and consequently minimize the risk of error.

Every new acoustic measuring devices such as sound level meter, measuring microphone, acoustic calibrator arrives freshly calibrated and traceable to the international system of Units (SI) through standards maintained by National Metrology Institutes.

Annual calibration verification is your prescription for the continued health and performance of your measuring devices. Our service run overnight to ensure very little downtime and continuity of your business.


 To Be Considered…

Traceable acoustic calibration services according to international IEC and ISO standards. Calibrations are documented, traceable, and digitally signed under accredited calibration laboratory granted by Department of Standard Malaysia (SAMM).

 To Provide Standard Calibration Service for…

  • Sound Level Meters according to standards
    IEC 61672-3:2013 Clauses 12 – Acoustic Signals Test
    IEC 61672-3:2013 Clauses 13 – Electrical Signals Test of Frequency Weighting
    IEC 61672-3:2013 Clauses 14 – Frequency and Time Weighting Test
    IEC 61672-3:2013 Clauses 15 – Long Term Stability Test
    IEC 61672-3:2013 Clauses 16 – Level Linearity on the Reference Level Range Test
    IEC 61672-3:2013 Clauses 17 – Level Linearity for Level Range Control Test
    IEC 61672-3:2013 Clauses 18 – Tone Burst Response Test
    IEC 61672-3:2013 Clauses 19 – C-weighted Peak Sound Level Test
    IEC 61672-3:2013 Clauses 20 – Overload Indication Test
    IEC 61672-3:2013 Clauses 21 – High Level Stability Test
  • Dosimeter according to standards
    IEC 61252:1993 Clause 6 – Acoustical Sensitivity Test
    IEC 61252:1993 Clause 7 – Frequency Weighting Test
  • Acoustic Calibrator according to standards
    IEC 60942:2017 Clause 5.3 – Sound Pressure Level Test
    IEC 60942:2017 Clause 5.4 – Frequency Test
    IEC 60942:2017 Clause 5.6 – Total Harmonic + Noise Test
  • Measuring Microphone according to standards
    IEC 61094-5:2016 – Pressure Sensitivity Test

Professional Calibration Makes Measurement Confidence