Vibration Calibration Services (ISO/IEC 17025:2017)

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We are pleased to offer after-market calibration services for accelerometer sensors,vibration meter, vibration analyser and excitation shaker. All calibration activity is performed in a laboratory accredited by the Department Standard Malaysia
for Laboratory Accreditation (ILAC) in the field of calibration per ISO 17025:2005,
General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

 To Understand

A brand-new vibration transducer and meter are supplied and calibrated from the manufacturer and come with a standard calibration certificate and test report which indicates the sensitivity correspond to frequency.erectiepillen24

Where equipment & sensor are stored and operated within their specified environmental limits. Example, are not subjected to excessive of shocks, temperatures, mechanical stress & etc. there will be a minimal change in characteristics or sensitivity over time.

However, in normal use, vibration transducers are often subjected to accidental impact or drop which can result in a significant change in characteristics and sometimes even permanent damage.

As good engineering practice, therefore, to make a periodic check of the sensitivity achieved from calibration. This is normally sufficient to confirm that the accelerometer is not damaged and its sensitivity within the design specification.

 To Provide Standard Calibration Service for…

  • Accelerometer/ Transducer according to Standard ISO 16063-21:2003 for Amplitude and Phase-shift Response
    * Overwrite to TEDS for NEW Calibration Sensitivity

  • Vibration Measuring Instrument according to Standard ISO 16063-21:2003 for Amplitude Response on Acceleration, Velocity & Displacement

  • Building Vibration Measuring Instrument/ Geophone according to Standard DIN 45669-1:2020-06 for Amplitude Response

  • Portable Vibration Exciter / Calibrator for Amplitude and Frequency Response