Sound and Vibration Measuring Instruments

Rion sound and vibration measuring instruments meet the various needs of environment-related administration and industries. For instance, sound level meters are useful to monitor a variety of noise, such like road traffic noise, industrial noise, construction work noise and aircraft noise; vibration meters are indispensable for maintenance work of plant facility, performance tests in product development or measures for vibration hazard; and even devices such as seismometers that help to maintain socio-infrastructures.

Product of Japan

  • Sound Level Meters
  • Vibration Meters
  • Frequency Analyzers
  • Recorders

Sound Level Meter

Model: NL-52EX

Extremely User Friendly Rion’s NL-52 and NL-42 sound level meters provide full support for the measurement process.

  • Meeting IEC Standard for Class 1 and Class 2
  • Intuitive Display and Control
  • Water-resistant
  • Use of rechargeable batteries
  • Continuous Monitoring Function
  • Functionality can be extended by a range of options such as Octave, FFT, Waveform Recording, Reverberation Time

Sound Level Analyser

Model: NL-28

Simultaneous real-time octave band and 1/3 octave band frequency analysis.The top of the Rion range of sound level meters and analysers for acoustical experts and specialists.


  • Building acoustic card (NX-28BA)
  • FFT analysis card (NX-28FT)
  • Waveform recording card (NX-28WR)

Acoustic Measuring Amplifier

Model: NA-42

For a wide range of high-precision acoustic measurements.

  • Supports connection of several microphones useable: UC-53A, UC-52, UC-34P, UC-29, UC-27, UC-31 with suitable preamplifiers and cables.
  • Frequency weighting: A, C, FLAT
  • Time weighting: F (Fast), S (Slow), I (Impulse)
  • Frequency range: 1 Hz to 100 kHz (main unit characteristics)

Aircraft Noise Monitor

Model: NA-39A

All required functions for aircraft noise measurement combined in a single system

  • The noise arrival direction identification function added the real time 1/3 octave band analysis improves the accuracy of aircraft noise.
  • Compact and lightweight design facilitates installation.
    Power consumption reduced by about fifty percent*.

Online Environmental Noise Monitoring System


All required functions for Environmental Noise Measurement combined in a single smart system

  • Online Noise Level Monitoring complied to IEC 61672-1:2013/2002 class 1
  • Measure Leq, Lp, Lmax, Lmin, Ln, Lexp.
  • Customized Leq periodic average measurement
  • Multiple Alarm Level Triggered
  • Alert Function with SMS/ Email
  • Wav/ MP3 Noise Event Recording exceeded alarm limit
  • Auto Reporting Function, Daily, Weekly & Monthly
  • Failsafe with Email Alert, SSH Cut, Internet connectivity, Controller Down or SLM Issue.
  • SQL Server for Data Storage and Report Processing, HTTPS, and FTPS
  • Compact and lightweight design facilitates installation
  • Power By Solar, 3 Year Warranty for Battery & Controller System

Precision Acoustic Sound Calibrator

Model: NC-75

Compact and lightweight sound calibrator allows highly reliable and accurate measurement anywhere.

  • Conforming with IEC 60942: 2017 class 1 and JIS C 1515: 2004
  • Each product comes standard with a JCSS Calibration Certificate, demonstrating high quality.

Sound Calibrator

Model: NC-74

Sound pressure level: 94 dB ± 0.3 dB
Frequency: 1000 Hz ± 2 %
For Type 1 and Type 2 sound level meters.


Model: NC-72A

Standard sound source that generates a constant sound pressure of 114 dB at 250 Hz.

General-Purpose Vibration Meter

Model: VM-82A

Three measurement modes: acceleration, velocity and displacement
Internal memory stores up to 1,000 data

Designed mainly for maintenance and inspection of industrial machinery, with particular emphasis on rotational machinery. Acceleration, velocity, and displacement can be easily measured using a suitable frequency range, allowing comprehensive and precise evaluation of machine vibrations.

Vibration Analyzer

Model: VA-12

For equipment diagnosis and on-site measurements with FFT analysis function.

  • Vibration meter mode: Allows simultaneous measurement of acceleration, velocity, displacement, and acceleration crest factor.
  • FFT analyzer mode: Real-time analysis frequency 20 kHz, 3 200 spectral lines and available Envelope processing.
  • Waveform data storing on SD card for post process/analysis.

Pocketable Vibration Meter (Riovibro)

Model: VM-63C

Pocket-size vibration meter with integrated accelerometer.

  • Designed for quick and easy use in the field.
  • Suitable for preventive maintenance of industrial equipment, on-site quality control, product development, etc.

Vibration Meter

Model: VM-56

Simultaneous PPV, VDV, Dominant Frequency & Displacement

The VM-56 is a ground borne vibration meter capable of simultaneously calculating the measurement quantities defined by DIN 45669-1, ISO 8041 and DIN 4150 and other national measurement standards. It also suitable for a wide range of applications including attended measurements, unattended surveys and live-to-web monitoring.

General-purpose Vibration Meter

Model: VM-83

Measure and evaluate vibrations using a piezoelectric accelerometer or the Servo accelerometer LS-10C.

  • Display characteristics can be switched to rms, equivalent peak and equivalent peak-to-peak, with maximum value hold and peak hold.
  • Connectivity for various kinds of accelerometers enables a wide range of vibration measurements.
  • Comparator function with level evaluation output.

Portable Multi-function Measuring System


The ground-breaking multi-function measuring system from RION
Compact design, easy and intuitive operation Wireless connections
Use it anytime anywhere!

Multi-Channel Signal Analyzer

Model: SA-02M

Provides both functions of FFT analysis and octave,1/3 octave, 1/12 octave band analysis, spectrogram and etc

  • Up to 32 channels are supported by using two SA-02M units.
  • Standard software is supplied with the unit.

Condenser Microphones


Condenser microphone has excellent features, in its frequency response, stability and so on. Therefore, it is mainly used for measurement.

Microphone with Preamplifier

Model: UC-35P

For measurement of low sound pressure level.



Rion “PV Series” piezoelectric accelerometers have a variety of types, for customers to choose the suitable one for their measurements. For example, we have lightweight type (0.7g), high-output type, high-sensitivity type, high-temperature type, tri-axial type, amplifier built-in type, and so on.

Acoustic Windscreen

Model: WS-10

Water Resistance Windscreen (Double Layer)

Model: WS-15

All-Weather Windscreen

Model: WS-15

Reduce adverse effects of wind noise.
(Accessory for sound level measurement)

Dual Windscreen for Wind Turbine Noise Measurement

Model: TWS-01

Dual-structure windscreen minimizes influence of wind noise during wind turbine noise measurements

  • Compliant with noise meter installation height specifications in “Manual for Measurement of Noise from Wind Power Generation Installations” issued by Ministry of the Environment in 2017
  • Used for Ministry of the Environment “Study on evaluation of influence on human impact of low frequency sound from wind power generation installation
  • Designed for use with High Precision Sound Level Meter

Wind tunnel Windscreen

Model: KWS-03


Model: VT-06

The VT-06 is designed for quality control applications in the manufacturing process of industrial products such as petrochemicals, paint, and adhesives, as well as foodstuffs.

Viscosity measurements covering a wide range are possible, such as gear oil used in construction machinery. Measurement is performed by simply submerging a rotor in the fluid. The resistance to rotor movement caused by the viscosity (torque) is measured to obtain direct readings.

Vibration Calibrator

Model: VP-33A
  • Mechanical excitation method (cam type) designed for low distortion.
  • Drive motor operation remains stable even in case of load and power supply voltage fluctuations. Consequently there is almost no change in the calibration level / calibration frequency due to weight differences of accelerometers.
  • Supplied accelerometer holder enables horizontal calibration.

Random Noise Generator

Model: SF-06

Sound source for all kinds of acoustic measurements.

  • Generates white noise and pink noise and uses a 1/1 octave filter to produce band noise.
  • White noise and pink noise covers the 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range, and octave band noise uses center frequencies from 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz.
  • Applications include architectural acoustic measurements, sound absorption factor measurements in anechoic chambers, and sound insulation measurements.

Light Floor Impact Sound Generator (Tapping Machine)

Model: FI-01A

Check the performance characteristics of floor surface materials.

  • Light and hard impact source imitating walking with shoes, designed for on-site use in measuring impact sound levels of flooring.
  • Allows checking insulation performance of floor surface materials mainly in medium and high frequency range (JIS A 1418-1: 2000 Standard Light Impact Sound Source)

Acoustic Impedance Tube

Model: 9301_9302

Normal incidence sound absorption ratio measurement system by 2-microphone method . This is Normal Incidence Acoustic Measurement System Using an Acoustic Duct.

The current system makes it easy to perform such evaluations by determining the physical characteristics of the material. (compliant with JIS A 1405-2 and ISO 10534-2)

Anechoic Box (Compact Type)


Carefully controlled acoustic properties provide a stable and quiet environment for measurements.

  • Suitable for use in testing and developing small size precision instruments.
  • Wall reflections are damped for enhanced measurement accuracy.
  • Wedge-shaped absorber layer provides high sound absorption efficiency.
  • Compact dimensions and casters provide mobility.
  • Available as standard type L or H with higher sound insulation and absorption characteristics.

Acoustical Capacity Meter (Combustion Chamber)

Model: VM-230A,VM-240A

Regardless of the shape, the combustion chamber capacity can be measured by simply placing the capacity meter on the combustion chamber cavity of the cylinder head, as shown in the picture.

Waveform Analysis Software

Model: AS-70 Series

The Waveform Analysis Software AS-70 series reads data from WAVE files and offers a wide range of functions, including graph display, level processing, frequency analysis (FFT analysis and octave band analysis), file output, and playback.

Environmental Noise Reporting Software

Model: My LEQ Tools

Support Rion’s NL-28, NL-52EX and NL-42EX sound level meter, it allows you to generate report from measurement data, perform calculation and processing for environmental noise parameters in a most efficient way

  • Ease of Use
  • Fast Data Processing
  • Quick and Easy Report Creation
  • Multiple Fixed Time Period & Multiple Single
  • Time Period Noise Data Calculation
  • Simple Saved Setup Function Provided