Stay Clean with Sound and Keeping Surfaces Clean

The Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning Systems offer several distinct advantages as a superior and cost-effective alternative to conventional cleaning methods. They maintain plant efficiency at a high level. Nirafon Acoustic Cleaning System continuously removes soot, ash and particulate matter deposits from surfaces, thus preventing formation of build ups and maintaining heat transfer efficiency in boilers, pressure drops in bag filters, vibration levels in fans etc. at desired levels.


  • Keeping it clean continuously
  • Cleaning without interrupting plant operation
  • Automatic operation
  • Cleaning without damaging
  • Lower initial capital investment
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Lesser space requirement

Acoustic Pressure Pulse Cleaner System

Model: NCSD
Product: FINLAND

Product Detail

Operation Frequency: 4 ‒10/s
Sound Pressure: Over 170 dB
Material Actuator: AISI316/Fe52
Horn: AISI316/SS2343/G-X15-CrNiSi229
Compressed air: 80 Ndm3/s
Gas consumption: 0.4g/pulse, 4g/s
Operation temperature: 1500 °C
(flue gas temperature)

Pneumatic Acoustic Cleaners

Model: NI Series
Product: FINLAND

Product Detail

Type: Straight/ 90o
Frequency: 250 Hz/ 100 Hz/ 60 Hz
Sound pressure: > 150 dB
Material: SS2343/AISI316/G-X15CrNiSi2520
Compressed Air: 6 bar
Cleaning: 20 to 40 Ndm3/s
Cooling: 2 Ndm3/s continuously
Operation temperature : 800 to 1000 °C
(flue gas temperature)