A New Generation of Wireless IOT Sensors

A whole new development in sensor technology, especially when wireless technology is considered, has opened up new gates in terms of health monitoring and preemptive fault detection. To meet these new challenges, BeanAir, a leading German company in sensing technology, designs and manufactures smart, rugged and time-synchronized Wireless IOT Sensors. Based on a smart combination of high-end sensors and a reliable wireless protocol, BeanAir Wireless IOT Sensors constitute outstanding technology for various applications as such:-

Structural Health Monitoring for Civil Engineering, Automotive Testing, Flight Test Measurement, Technical Building Management, Environmental Monitoring…

Product of Germany

  • Wireless IOT Accelerometer
  • Wireless IOT Inclinometer Sensor
  • Wireless IOT Shock Sensor
  • Wireless IOT Data Acquisition (DAQ) Instrument
  • Wireless IOT Sensors Software -Cloud


Model: BND-WILOW-AX-3D-2G/10G
Available with several measurements range (±2g and ±10g), the BeanDevice® WIFI | WiLow® AX-3D is a ULP (Ultra-Low-Power) Wireless vibration sensor (acceleration, peak particle velocity and amplitude) with a built-in data logger. This wireless IOT vibration sensor can be used for dynamic measurement (up to 3kHz) without network bottleneck issues.


  • Accelerometer technology: MEMS technology
  • Measurement range two versions: ±2g and ±10g
  • Sensitivity: 660 mV/g/ 200 mV/g
  • Typical non-linearity: ±0.1% FS
  • Sensor frequency response (-3 dB): DC to 800 Hz
  • Maximum sampling rate: 2 kSPS per axis
  • Noise spectral density: 45 µg/ √Hz
  • Analog to Digital converter: 24-bit delta-sigma


Model: BND-2.4-Hi-INC-15B
Available with several measurements range (±15° and ±30°), the BeanDevice® WIFI | WiLow® HI-INC is an ULP (Ultra-Low-Power) wireless inclinometer with built-in data logger.

Sok állatban, például nyulakban, vadászgörényekben, macskákban és tevékben, és megtörténik: az ovuláció szex közben zajlik. Az emberek vagy a főemlősök ovulációja egyszer fordul elő a szokásos ciklus során, amely körülbelül 28 nőknél tart, 29 nap az orangután nőstényekben és legfeljebb 37 napig csimpánzokban. A kutatók biztosítják, hogy egy személy evolúciójának korábbi szakaszában a nők sildenafil vény nélkül a szex során orgazmus okozta.

  • Inclinometer Technology: MEMS Technology
  • Measurement resolution: 0.001°
  • Measurement Repeatability: ±0.003°
  • Noise spectral density: 0.0004 °/√Hz
  • Offset temperature dependency: ±0.002 °/°C
  • Long term stability: < 0.004 °

Wireless IOT Data Acquisition (DAQ) Instrument


For a wide range of Wi-Fi high-precision measurements and DAQ System.

  • Signal Conditioning: Analog Voltage Measurement
  • Range: 4-20mA, +/-5V or +/-10V, +/- 20mV
  • Number of channels: 4 Channels
  • A/D Converter 16 bits
  • Repeatability: less than ± 0.01%
  • Sensor Connector M12-4Pins coming with an IP rating IP67



Displacement Sensors compatible with
Beandevice® 2.4GHz | AN-V

  • Measurement range 10 – 100 mm
  • Long mechanical life
  • Excellent repeatability <0.01 mm

Wireless IOT Sensors Supervision Software

Model: BeanScape® Wilow®

The BeanScape® Wilow® is a real time Supervision software dedicated to Wilow® Wireless IOT sensors. It’s is also equipped with a smart expert system that allows users to interpret elements such as data acquisition or alarms related to the Wireless IIOT sensors network.

  • Provides a complete vibration diagnostic and report
  • Real-Time vibration, FFT and Peak Particle Velocity display
  • Advanced vibration analysis tool: FFT, PPV (Peak Particle Velocity) on the ±2g version only
  • Amplitude measurement for structure movement monitoring
  • Automatic FFT and Peak Particle Velocity reports (meeting the DIN4150-3 standard)
  • Alarm generation by email when a vibration threshold is reached
  • Highly customizable data panel board
  • No hidden fees, and no additional subscription