We provide Acoustic & Vibration Monitoring Services with the latest & advanced technology available today.

Acoustic Testing and Consultation Services

> Online Continue Noise Monitoring & Real-time Alarm

> FFT Testing

> Octave Testing, Resolution Up to 1/24th Band, Noise Criterion (NC) Testing

> Reverberation Tine, RT60

> Infra-Sound Testing

> Building Acoustic, complied ISO140-Part 4,5,7; ISO 717-Part 1 & 2; ISO16032

> Sound Quality Testing for Annoyance, Loudness & Speech

> Environmental Noise Analysis

> Noise Source Identification by Acoustic Camera

Vibration Testing & Consultation Services

> Vibration Baseline Surveys and Equipment Monitoring

> Human Vibration for ISO-8041, ISO2631-1&5, 5349-1 & ISO-18570

> Online Continue Structure Vibration Testing for Construction Site, Critical and Sensitive Structure & Real-time Alarm

> Online Borehole Vibration Monitoring (Bore Piling Activities) for Construction Site, Critical and Sensitive Structure

> Online Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Monitoring

> Vibration Criterion (VC) Testing

> FRF Testing for Accelerance, Impedance and Dynamic Stiffness with Impact Hammer or Shaker

> Order Tracking Analysis

> Structure Vibration Testing (DIN-4150 & ISO-2631, BS-5228)

> Modal Analysis for Natural frequencies, Damping ratios and Mode shapes

> Operational Deflection Shapes (ODS) & Time ODS

> Structural Health Monitoring & Prediction By ARTeMIS

> FEA Testing & Simulation by FEMTools & ANSYS

Strain Testing & Analysis

> Fatigue Analysis

> Life Estimation and Transition Life Prediction