Automatic Modal Hammer

“No Double Hit” As solution with MAUL-THEET developed Automatic Modal hammer “vImpact” enables you to precisely and reproducibly excite structures and measure the excitation forces, it capable of adjustable for a wide range of force levels.

  • Manually with the trigger button at the control unit
  • With external input switch through an extension wire or by any device with contact
  • With a TTL signal (40 .. 200 ms)
  • With the internal timer in the range of 4 hits per second up to 1 hit per minute

Scanning Laser ScanSet

(ScanSet + SinglePoint Laser = Scanning Laser!)
Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer

The laser beam of the Scanning Laser ScanSet Components1 Doppler Vibrometer is deflected by two mirrors which are controlled by a computer. A built-in camera delivers the picture of the object under test. On this picture, the measurement points can be arranged with CAD software. After the initial setup of the points, the measurement is done automatically by the computer.

  • ScanSet with mirrors, camera and support for the SinglePoint Laser
  • Controller including 4 channel data acquisition
  • Control and Analysis Software
  • Single point Laser Doppler Vibrometer (optional)

VibroLaser ScanSet

The VibroLaser ScanSet come with CCD-Camera for photo realistic capture of the measurement object. It offers linear slides that can be easily fixed by clamping lever to ensure a precise and reliable laser positioning.

The controller has a direct connector for the central cable to the ScanSet, BNC connectors for the input channels and the generator output and one USB connector to communicate with measurement PC. Simple connection via USB-cable for mirror and CCD-Camera steering, vibration data and video stream.

Rotational-Speed Sensor | vSpeedBox

Rotational-speed sensor with Voltage and TTL output

The vSpeedBox allows to measure speed without any tacho inputs and with a normal DC input. Inside the vSpeedBox, it measure the signal period with high accuracy based on 16 MHz time base, calculated and converted to an speed-proportional analogue DC output voltage, three speed ranges can be selected for maximum accuracy.

Hydro-Acoustics and Signature Solution

Solution for typical hydro acoustic ship measurement & evaluation for classification purposes

Hydroacoustics is a comprehensive solution for typical hydro acoustic ship, submarine measurement & evaluation for classification purposes. It covers the customer site setup with different measurement places and their hydrophones, including

  • Spectral corrections from the calibration routines.
  • Mobile on-board (local database) with automatic data synchronization to the central database to the base measurement site.
  • All META data like ship data, hydrophone data and evaluation data will be synced into same data base.
  • The network based server/client design allows unlimited number of measurement and evaluation clients working at the same time.
  • Online calculations
  • Special displays and dedicated views allow highly efficient data quality control during the measurements.


Measurement Function Include:

  • Octave, CPB
  • FFT-Spectra
  • Time Signals
  • Hydro-Acoustics Calculator
  • Spectral Evaluation
  • Transient Analysis
  • Signals Post Processing
  • Beam-forming
  • Signals Played back

Automated Modal Analysis

Components | Characteristics | For Your Requirements

Flexible Setup and Positioning of components for various test objects. Automated determination of large number of Frequency Response Functions without necessity of personal test surveillance. By using the Automatic Modal Hammer only very few application efforts necessary and therefore time and costs saving

Components Required:

  • Automatic Modal Hammer
  • VibroLaser ScanSet
  • Commercially available Laser Doppler Vibrometer
  • Software vModal
  • Test Stand Portal

Modal Analysis | vModal

Modal analysis and Operating Deflection Shapes

The Modal Analysis is a very powerful tool for the determination of the dynamic behaviours of a mechanical structure.

Modal analyse

To understand the inherent properties of a structure. To determine the structure’s properties experimentally the modal analysis offers an excellent tool. The modal analysis provides the engineer with the complete hard- and software equipment necessary to carry out a successful modal analysis or an operating deflection measurement.


Modal analysis functions:

  • Support UFF
  • SDOF Local, Global
  • MDOF, Local, Global
  • Hand-Fit
  • Mode-Indicator Function
  • Poly Reference
  • Synthetic Frequency Response Functions
  • Fit Quality Function
  • MAC Function
  • Simulation & FEM calculation
  • Stationary Operating Deflections
  • Animated Shapes Display